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Kurkure Namkeen - Masala Munch
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Brand History

Launched in 1999, this perfect ‘namkeen’ snack, developed entirely in India, has come to be identified with fun and lovable human quirks. It developed an even stronger identity through associations with well-known Indian actors.


Key Features

Total sugars

  • Ingredients:
    Rice meal,Ediblevegetableoil,cornmeal,gram meal,
    Spices and Condiments (Onion powder, Chilli powder, Amchur, Coriander seed powder, Ginger powder, Garlic powder,
    Black pepper powder, Turmeric powder, Spices extracts, FenugreekLeafpowder),Salt, BlackSalt,TomatoPowder,SugarCitricAcid,
    Tartaric Acid
  • Vegetarian
    No added MSG
  • Trans fat freeNo artificial flavouring Used as natural flavouring agent
The term “Trans-fat free” means where trans-
fat is less than 0.2 g per serving of food
[Regulation No. 2.2.2 (3) proviso 2, of The Indian Food Safety and Standards (Packaging
and Labeling) Regulation, 2011]. As per the globally accepted norm, serving size for
namkeen is considered as 30g.


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